Swiss Edu-ID Mobile App

The Swiss Edu-ID Mobile App project develops a part of the Swiss national academic infrastructure that makes it easier to integrate and share native mobile apps into universities and their operations.



Over the past decade mobile technologies have changed the way people create, use and share information. Part of this change is the availability of mobile apps for a wide range of tasks and practices. This has positively affected Swiss higher education and created new approaches to research. At the same time students, lecturers, and researchers have become more mobile and flexible while using services provided by different institutions. Today, it is difficult to include mobile apps with the universities' IT infrastructure while considering the privacy, information security, and transparency for the Swiss academic community on a national scale.

The Swiss Edu-ID Mobile App project develops an app that helps universities to integrate native mobile apps more easily and share mobile practices in Swiss higher education and research among each other. Together with the Edu-ID Mobile App, the project works with mobile app developers in order to help them integrating this new technology into their apps. This will help Swiss universities to tap the creative potential of mobile app developers easier and more transparently.

Project Duration

April 2016 - March 2018 (24 Months)

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