Swiss Edu-ID Mobile App Hack Days in Lugano

On 7th and 8th February 2017, the Swiss Edu-ID Mobile App Project goes fully public with its hack days in Lugano. The USI will kindly host the one and a half day event and allow a wider audience to learn about the project and work with the preliminary results.

We invite CIOs, app developers, service developers, and system administrators to join the hack days in order to learn about how you can benefit from adopting the Swiss EduID Mobile App.

We look also for community feedback from early adopters.

The hack days are split into an executive afternoon on (7. Feb. 2017) and a integrators day (8. Feb. 2017) for those who cannot get scared by technical details and like to try the technology.

The Program

Note: The programme is subject to change and elaboration

Location: USI, Lugano

Primary Target Audience

  • Academic and commercial app developers
  • Academic and commercial service providers
  • CIOs and Security Officers
  • Publishers

Tue: 7.2.2017

Management Insights

  • Mobile Services and the Academic Domain
  • Next Generation Identity Management: Switch eduID
  • Preparing for the Smart University: Adding Secure Mobile Services
  • Swiss Edu-ID and the Mobile Realm

Wed: 8.2.2017

Integrators Day

  • Mobile Apps and the Swiss Academic Federation
  • OAuth2 Primer
  • Protocols, Endpoints, and Protocols
  • Connecting your App
  • Prepare your Services

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